Corban Central Login

What is Corban Central Login?

What is Corban Central Login?

Corban Central Login (CCL) allows you to log into multiple Corban online services without having to re-enter your username and password for each service.

How is central login useful?

Central login eliminates login prompts from each individual online service. Once logged in, as you visit additional online services you will not be prompted to login, but will be granted immediate access.

How does this affect me?

CCL is automatically enabled and there is no additional action required on your part to make use of it. However, not all Corban services are currently set up to use CCL and will continue to prompt you to enter your username and password separately.

Important note: This requires you to be even more careful with your Corban account. Once signed in, anyone using your computer has potential access to all applicable Corban services using your account.


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